What we do

We are available to come to your premises to work on fixing or upgrading Microsoft Windows© -based PCs and Laptops.

We can give your machine a spring-clean, if it seems to be running slow - checking for hidden malware or impending failures. If necessary, we can give advice on selecting a new machine and arrange to set it up and transfer as much of the data from the old one as is possible, then securely delete the files from the old machine and dispose of it.

We can help by improving WiFi coverage by installing home and small business networks to fill in the so-called “not-spots” where the connection to the broadband router is poor.

In addition we can provide tuition, going over some of the basics to help you get more out of the machine.

At this moment in time we would probably ask you to bring the machine for repair to us in a socially-distanced way to work on, but we can be flexible about this.

Where we do it

We live in Wimpole in South Cambridgeshire, covering an area from Ickleton/Duxford in the east to Tadlow/Ashwell in the west, and the area around Royston in the south up to the southern parts of Cambourne in the north.

Other things we can do

We have an A3+ Inkjet printer, and an A4 Colour Laser printer, plus a stock of various sizes of sheet paper, card and labels, so we can produce small-scale print runs, newsletters, business cards and notelets, so please

 contact us

for further information & quotes.